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We convert great ideas into custom user application. With more than 10+years of experience we are one of the most trustworthy technology partner in Kolkata as we drive technology better than others.

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Our skillful team of designers and developers are experienced, specific and a very eager group of people. We mainly run after excellence and our main motive is to meet the client's ultimate requirements. We provide top-class services and reliable results oriented solutions in a cost-effective manner. According to us, Website Development and Designing is considered prime-competency but technology is something which provides us the required quantum leaps and adrenaline rush.

Each and every service provided by our team reflects our team's trustworthiness and devotion to ascertain 100 percent gratification of our clients and reach up to their high expectations. Clients are our top-most preference no matter what the circumstances are since we consider them as top most on our priority list.

Our contended clients highly recommended about us : As most of the clients are absolutely pleased by our service.They always choose us and tend to recommended our name even to others for finest service.

Koushik Pal

Founder & Technical Director

Victor Bhattacharya

Founder & Director of marketing


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The ultimate way to avoid possibility is to create a pale HTML website filled with poorly-written text which neither shakes nor moves. This will surely prevent potential customers from getting into the website. Thus, the very next website is likely to grasp all the attention from almost every potential customer. Your website should be perfect as the first look of it matters. So the best thing one can do is to choose a standard website designer and developer service, provider. Our company BLUESTACK offers an extensive range of various web services and helps you to increase your presence online. The more the website is attractive and perfect, the more is the probability of getting a potential customer or buyer. Apart from making your website good-looking and attractive, we will also meet the expectations of your audience as well as you. We have been crafting flawless designs for our clients for the last 12 years along with proven experience. We are counted by our valued clients as we provide quality work..


Our company, BLUESTACK is an Android application development company that vows to appropriately reach up our client's expectations and their needs. The android market has been constantly emerging; thus, it has been one of the most important technologies that we all are using today as more than 90 percent of smartphones are running on the Android operating system. Since Android has been originated, our company has been playing a remarkable role in contributing several customized solutions. We have been providing authentic and cost-effective Android solutions to our clients. Our developers have unique features in determining potentiality, profound skill, and capability making us one of the best service-providing companies in the market.


In this advanced world, using the internet is a high priority. While everything is available on the internet, most people are now buying their daily essentials, dresses, goods, and anything else they want online. This is an extremely easy, trouble-free, and uncomplicated choice as one can shop from anywhere in the world even sitting in their home without even troubling themselves about going out. Thus, Online shopping is now universal. Along with providing other key services, our company BLUESTACK is also proficient in making an E-commerce website that helps you to easily buy anything effortlessly; We are here to make an ideal website for you up to your heart's content. Our clients suggest our name to other people interested in making their own website, after availing our services. 


In this rapidly advancing world, there are many applications that we use and various other activities that we do with the help of the internet. The usage of Voice applications is day-by-day escalating due to which a lot of voice applications are available out there with the help of which one can create their own voice application as per their need. Our company BLUESTACK has been making use of our ability, professionalism, and knowledge from the past 12 years in building different and innovative voice applications. We craft and provide a diverse array of voice applications for unified communications as per the client's demand. Once you avail of our service, we assure you that there is no going back.


Enterprise Resource Planning is also known as ERP Software Development Solution. It brings strategic stability to your business as it is used for functional management and resource planning. It is a host of major applications and modules that helps you to manage the core aspects of your business seamlessly. It is designed to fit the needs of a definite organization, the company and its people do not have to change its way of functioning in order to cope up with the software programs. As this software is for a particular company, any other company is unable to use the software for their business purposes. We at BLUESTACK, create this software integrated system that empowers your strategies, takes care of all your business operations, and helps in reducing the cost and human efforts that are needed to manage all the company operations manually. We create ERP systems based on your specific requirements and provide the best solution for you.


Custom Software Development is the method of designing, establishing, conceptualizing, deploying, and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions, or organizations. Custom Software Development is traditionally executed within an organization, in-house development teams, or as a third-party arrangement. As this is developed to meet specific demand of individual groups or an individual; it improves productivity since you get what you want, and gives you a competitive advantage. Here at BLUESTACK, our services encircle the whole cycle of custom software development. Our software developers build custom software solutions and also accurately follow business processes to deliver a product that adds a materialistic value to your business. Our software developers can help you design software for uninterrupted combinations, allowing trouble-free adoption and upgraded business productivity. 


Web Designing basically is a design of websites that are displayed on the internet. It is the process of conceptualizing, planning, and arranging content online. This also plans and builds the element of websites from structure and layout to images, colors, fonts, and every slight detail. Your website must be attractive especially from the perspective of your user; designing a website goes beyond aesthetics to include the website’s overall functionality. Web designers here at BLUESTACK, take up your ideas and creates a flawless design for your website that looks inviting; also we create a website that not only looks good but functions properly and ranks highly in search. When you are building a website, you will be needing both web designing and web development. We assure you that we are one of the best choices for you.

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